MBS RECAP: Bonds Lose Ground on Shutdown Deal Hopes and Inflation Data

(Alternative title for long-time readers: There’s a meteorite that hit the ground near here. I want to check it out. It won’t take long.) A tender-option bond (from now on TOB) is the municipal bond market’s answer to the classic borrow short and invest long.

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A solid first half helped the market shake off the drubbing it took at the end of last year. Signs of an earnings recession are evident and continue to grow. The market continued its rise during.

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But that’s not to be, apparently! Yesterday, didn’t see the currencies lose any additional ground to the dollar, but they didn’t gain any ground either. And since they don’t do a shootout in trading , like they do in hockey and soccer. The tie goes to the dollar.

If it’s any consolation, MBS were much closer than Treasuries. CPI data fell on deaf ears–no surprise there. The best bet at the moment is that the combination of the week’s last Treasury auction and.

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MBS RECAP: Central Bankers and Corporate Issuance Not Helping The secondary market involves the sale and trading of issued bonds and shares in a centralized marketplace. Investment banks offer their sales, trading and research services to help buyers and sellers make decisions on their securities. additional resources. Thank you for reading CFI’s guide to the key players in the capital markets.

With both the dollar losing value inside the us and winning value outside of it when compared to other currencies, sounds like a good time for americans to take holidays in one of those countries were the dollar is expensive. That said, of course there is inflation, the cost of all that "zero interest" debt and tax cuts had to go somewhere.

February 13, 2019 Comments Off on MBS RECAP: Bonds Lose Ground on shutdown deal hopes and Inflation Data Posted To: MBS Commentary At first glance, this morning’s weakness was all about the Consumer Price Index (CPI)-the most widely-followed inflation report.

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The money market is described by a plot of the interest rate (y-axis) and the quantity of money (x-axis). The line drawn is for money demand at a given level of nominal income, where nominal income (PY) is the real output multiplied by the price level (inflation). The money market model implies a corresponding and opposite bond market model.

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